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Control pits 2–4 time travelers against each other as they fight to escape a rupture in time.

Each player plays the role of a time traveler. The winner escapes the rip in time that the players are in, leaving the other players trapped.  You escape the rip in time by getting 21 fuel cells before the other players do.

That of course is just hand waving. The story really doesn't have much to do with the game play, but that's OK because the game play is great.  From the video you can see that it's an easy game to pick up and hard to forget the rules.  Which makes it perfect for an entry game.  You can play with people who aren't "gamers" and not get lost in to many rules.

The art is great. Very clear to see the different between the two types of cards, bronze and silver. I really like the two card functions, you can play a card for the number on it, or for the special affect text.  That usually makes a fun light strategy game.

I do have a couple of issues, the play time is 5-15 minutes.  Really?  Can can lose the game that quickly? I'm sure that has to do with what cards are dealt.  I'm not a fan of a game that takes 5 minutes to explain, but also is over in the same time.

The second issue is with the picture of the contents.  After you watch the video, you'll wonder what the Counters are for too. (Edit:  THey're for counting rounds won, OK) But given the other factors, I'm willing to back this, and you should to, to see where it goes.

Even at this smaller size, the cards look great. I would love to see the poster turned into a play pad as a stretch goal.

Look for your review after the game ships, in July 2016.

The campaign was successful, but you can always check it out here at this link:

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