Preview: XenoShyft: Dreadmire

Partner up with your friends to survive wave after wave of horrific aliens in this cooperative deck-building base-defense game!

XenoShift: Dreadmire is the 21st(!) Kickstarter from this group.  I'm sure they've learned a lot about game production as well as managing a campaign in the previous crowd funding.  As a matter of fact, this is a sequel to an earlier product, XenoShift: Onslaught!

This game is a stand alone game, but also works as an expansion should you be lucky enough to have backed the earlier Kickstarter last year.

One of the things I like campaigns to do is to have stretch goals, which this has, but also items that you can upgrade through outright purchase, which this has.

But look at that you get first the base pledge:

By any stretch of the imagination, that's a lot of stuff!  The basic theme is that you're good guys, fighting weird mutated animals.  Of course by "mutated" we mean shit scary beats.

There are weapons and such to upgrade your guys, and there's even weather to contend with!

The game plays 1-4 in co-op.  You're defending a mining base from a horde of mutated and twisted monsters.

The graphics look amazing and since this is a follow-up, I'm confident it will deliver beyond expectations.

I swear every other day I get an update from them that says we've earned another stretch goal, with the next in sight.

This project is fully funded and has passed the deadline for more backers.

Look for our review once it ships in September, followed by a video play through.

You can play this game, or any game, but it's best to make a reservation!
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