Preview: Crypt of the Vampire

Hardback, full-color Collector's edition of the Crypt of the Vampire game book by Dave Morris. Illustrated by Leo Hartas.

It's a book.

It's a game.

It's both!

The heart of any role playing game is the players ability to guide the story. First published in 1984 in back & white, this adventure book was a big hit.  Now that classic book has been revived from the did, (See what I did there?) and has come back full force.

With added illustrations, all color, working with this original author AND the original artist, this is hat makes an update into a Collectors Edition.

All you need is a pencil, this character sheet and 2 dice. Personally, I think they missed the boat on a stretch goal.  Why not make a small app, or even a web site that has the sheet and a dice roller.  Then I could easily play this on the train or on the bus.

But I digress.

I love a good story, add great art, and well, I'm there.

Maybe this style of game is old, or maybe you want a multi-player game, but at it's heart this game is pure fun.  If you read any fantasy material at all, you'll like this type of game, and the art just helps the story along.

One thing I look for in any game is how strong is the desire to replay the game. Is there just one strategy to winning or are there multiple paths.  That thought plays perfectly with this style of game, it's designed with replay in mind.

Will you fail at this story?  I have no doubt.  The joy is playing it again and again to see how things would be different, or as you're playing you can see your character gain experience and handle bigger issues easier.

I've backed this game and you should too.

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