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Dreamwell is a game of fantastical whimsy for 2-4 dreamers in 30 minutes featuring the art of Tara McPherson.

I like this game for a number of reasons, it's playable by all ages, the art work is different and unique, and I can see layers of strategy that allow me to make a move that is advantageous to myself, while at the same time, putting a kink in the plans of my opponent.

That's the type of double whammy I like in games.

Whenever an artist is tied to a game my first question is always, which came first... did the designer see her art and think "would look cool in a game" or the far to common, "we have all this art, is there a game we can make out of it?"

The former is preferred because it means the art was inspirational, where the latter means they might have shoehorned a game into a already completed art set.

I have NO contact with the designers, but I have the feeling that the art was inspirational and therefore the game art was created with the game design in mind.  This makes for a MUCH better game, and I think we have that here.

I'm not a huge fan of the washed out colors used, but I can see how they blend together and make the game play also observational, like any game that requires you to do more than just follow simple rules.

In Dreamwell, the art gives you a feeling of a dream like state.  OK, enough about the art...

As you can see by the graphic here, there is a lot in the box.  You can play 2-4 players and the total time is about 30 minutes. They say that, but no one ever accounts for new players that require extra time to learn the rules and are generally slow.

Of course there are stretch goals.  At this writing, the first stretch goal has been met and so we'll all be getting thicker cards.  Given this type of game, that's great. There is a lot of picking up of cards when matching and thicker cards makes it easier to hold for young hands.  Thicker cards means more durability.

The next stretch goal is slightly bigger cards. I think that's a great thing and should be easily accomplished given the rate this game is backed.

If it were up to me, I would make thicker tiles an easier goal than a new friend, but I'm not doing the accounting for this campaign.

I think this will go into my "games to play with light gamers" pack. I'm backing it and I think you should too.

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