Preview: Strife: Shadows & Steam

Technically, what drew me in was the art.  This is also a sequel to an earlier game, Strife: Legacy of the Eternals.  I like game designers that have a game out, and then the next version shows experience gained and used.  

For us backers, it means we get a tin to store the game in right away rather than it being a stretch goal. The cards also are not your standard poker size cards, no no, these are TAROT sized.  You can translate that into HUGE, which I really appreciate.

Look at all that you get for the $15 level backer:

That's a lot of big cards, some tokens and score cards, in a metal tin. I wish all my games came in metal tins.

Each player stands with the same ten characters and although the game play is not fully described, there is a link to the full rules and even a PnP set of the cards on the Kickstarter page.

Victory points are handed out in a unique way, another reason I backed this game. They call it the Fatestone. I have not played the game, yet, but since this mechanic resolves ties, I'm assuming there must be a lot of ties.

If you hold the Fatestone during a tie, you lose. If you pass the stone you win the tie and a victory point. When you pass it, the value of the stone increases by one.  The player holding the stone at the end of the game gets that point value added to his victory points.

That's not as complicated as it sounds. But that mechanic might take this game out of the realm of gateway games.  I'd say this is one step above gateway, but let's wait until the game is out and we publish a full review here.

There are a fair number of backer levels. and we really like that here. The game itself can be sent to you for only $15.  The higher levels reap more rewards, of course, and not just multiple copies of the game. One add-on that I really appreciate is a game mat. When dealing with cards the worse feeling in the world is when you see a card get dirty or worn out.  There are reward levels that include card sleeves, and do remember these are bigger than Magic cards, as well as the mat.

One of the other benefits of this not being their first Kickstarter is that they understand that when you have lots of items, you can ask backers to just add amounts to their pledge to out right purchase things.

I mentioned this game is a sequel, well, you can buy the original game.  Very cool. Maybe you want an extra mat, just add to your ledge and buy it.

I like this game for a number of reasons, and I strongly suggest that you back it. Look for the full review after it ships in July 2016.

See you there!

You can pre-order it now by clicking this link:

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