Preview: Yokai Battle

Yokai are creatures that have been made real by our fears or beliefs. A tactical card game for 2 to 4 players. Playing time: 20-30 minutes.

This game feels so much like a video game, but plays like a lighting fast card game. I'm of course very impressed with the art.  It also have a great and unique mechanic that involves the ground that the monster is played on.  I love that idea.

As you can see there's a lot going on in the box.  Plenty of cards and tiles.

As of this wiring, they have already passed one stretch goal, thicker cards, off to a good start.

What really intrigued me was the concept of unlocking a monsters ability or also, being able to block those same abilities.

I can envision many layers of strategy where playing a card can really mess up the other person and that always makes for  good game.

It's backable for a few more days, so don't sit around thinking about it.  Do as I did, back this game!

There is not pre-order link at the moment, but you can follow the progress until you can order the game.

Follow the progress here:

You can play this game, or any game, but it's best to make a reservation!
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