Game Rustlers Seat Reservations

Game is a board game seat reservation service.  You can reserve a seat at a store event, any size convention, or even your local MeetUp event.  

It's free, easy and takes the worry out of your gaming. The site even helps you FIND your game.

Ever go to a sore demo and find all the regulars who don't seem to have jobs have already taken the seats?  All you can do is watch the demo, or play later.  

Ever go to a gaming night, only to find that you still need a 4th player but everyone has already taken their seats at other games?

 Gaming is meant to be fun, not a pain in the neck.  At conventions there is always a rush to sign up for cool games, but no waiting list? Ever try to get into a Fantasy Flight game demo at GenCon? You have to fight mad crowds and wait a good part of your day.

We solved all of these problems with Game  Check it out!

If you want to see the latest and greatest new features for Game Rustlers, we have a blog for that too.

You can play this game, or any game, but it's best to make a reservation!
Click the game board to learn how. Game Rustlers Sign In

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