Preview: Conan Roleplaying Game

This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age

I actually think this preview is just for me.  This campaign has passed their funding, so quickly that before I even clicked the link it was over the top. Even as I write this I am sure they have passed more stretch goals than I am showing here.

There's a LOT you can add on here.  I found it rather confusing there was so much.  A couple of the charts are so small I needed a seeing eye dog after trying to read them.

That might sound negative, but in reality I shouldn't be complaining.  The art is great, and if you even just LIKE fantasy adventure stories than you know the character of Conan.

I am previewing this because I preview all of the games we back on Kickstarter, not motivated by a desire to help a team get past their funding as is usually the case.

I backed at the level of the hardbound book, the player guide and I think so dice.

This is one of those times when it's easy to get lost in the total amount, forgetting what extra items combined to get to the total you pledged.

I pity the gaming budget that tries to get all of this stuff.  It's just too much!

They have also the new trend, social milestones.  Let's all jump on that to share the joy and the wallet misery. Of course, it's just your wallet that will be in misery.  The truth of the matter is, all of the items you can add are amazing and each time I think "no" I also think "But maybe".

For me there is only to think and add more to my pledge.  For you, click the link before and don't curse my name... ever but especially not over this.  Dear friend, Conan fan.. this is what you imagined when you first saw the title.

Do yourself a favor, click the link, thank me later.

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