Preview: House of Borgia

A Hidden Role Dice Game with Deduction and Bluffing for 2-6 players that plays in 30 minutes.

I'll admit that I am a sucker for games with specialized dice.  I love the randomness of dice and combine that with unique art, and I'm sold. But beyond the dice there's a unique story here and that pushes this game to a higher level.

Each player is a behind the scenes manipulator.  That's where the whole Liars Dice comes in to play.  You must bluff and manipulate the cardinals so that the one cardinal you're pushing is in charge of the conclave, and then eventually ascend to being Pope.

I mean really, why be a cardinal when you can be the Pope.

The game plays 2-6 players but I can see how 3 or more would make the game dynamically more fun. Fooling, pardon me, bluffing, 1 person is much easier than bluffing 2.  That's just the way things play out.

As you can see from this picture, there's a lot in the game box.  You can see there's another for 4 players easily, and I'll bet there could be a 5-6 player expansion pretty easily.

I love that each player has their own play shield.  While the campaign doesn't give details about them, it's clear there are rules inside that help during play.

Given that this is Liars Dice, I'm assuming that when you roll you hide the result, therefore a shield of some kind is needed.

I have ONE complaint.  The character art seems a bit flat. That's an art style so I'm sure that was a conscience choice. And I could make the argument that the men depicted could be seen as flat or 2-dimensional.

I see a lot of replay value here, and a topic that is based on a bit of history.  These are great elements for a game playable as recommended, 14 and over.

I've backed this title and I think you should to.

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