Preview: Tau Ceti

A 1-4 player sci-fi board game. Harness your alien abilities, adapt to a collapsing economy, & lead your civilization to Enlightenment!

When I read sci-fi books I enjoy those stories with depth, not just battle after battler.  Which is counter to almost every sci-fi game I've ever played. excluding RPGs of course.  In the stories there's politics, economics, usually some newly discovered tech.  Sometimes there's a new alien that is encountered, or a new alliance with old enemies.

It really seems like this game has all those things, and battles too.

If you're into sci-fi at all, this game will hit your hot buttons. Take a look at all the stuff that comes in the box.

There is a lot of customization that goes on, and also a semi-co-op mode where all the players work together to solve a crisis, just like any alliance would.

Of course again like any alliance, a crisis that helps you, you might not be all that anxious to resolve.  Think of it like this:  If there were just two planets that produce strawberries, yours being one of them, and everyone needed strawberries to survive.  When there was a crisis at the other strawberry producing planet, making the price of strawberries sky rocket, wouldn't you drag your feet to resolve the crisis? Obviously that's just an example and not in the game, but I think you get my point.

Of course there seem to be a lot of these types of wrinkles, which is what makes the game all that more interesting.  Let's play a fast moving game, but let's also create a story that at the end of the game is much like the sci-fi stories that attracts us to the genre in the first place.

This game has a lot of different ways to play it, including solo play, so I'm going to say there's lots of replay value.

I also like that the map is different each time you play.  That's obvious from the shape of the map tiles.

They have some cool looking dice you can add on.  They're not required to play, you can use any six-siders, but they do add to the look of the game.

Of course they have the usual stretch goals.  One thing to take note of, they have two versions of the game you can back, one with the space ships and one without. I can't imagine playing this game without the space ships.

As of this writing only a couple of the goals are unlocked, but that's sure to change.

There are also the new social goals.  I say "new" but since every game seems to have them, I might drop that soon enough.  Basically, they want to encourage you to get the word out about the game.  I see no harm in that!

I would love to see an expansion of this game that allows for more players, or one that introduces another race where their components look very different from the other races.  Let's hope there's more  from these guys as this game looks great!

I've backed this game and you should too!

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  1. Mac, thanks so much for the preview of Tau Ceti! We really enjoyed reading it and it was very engaging :)

    ~Mike & Stan