Preview: Wastelanders

A brutal strategic game of survival game where player life is measured only by the food you have and the food you can take from others.

First of all, I think this campaign has the best intro video I've ever seen.  As much as I love to see designers and developers, I really don't commit my hard earned dollars by staring into their eyes.  I actually hope they get that part out of the way quickly so I can see the game.

In this case, there's a video of the game being played.  No distractions, I love it.  What put me off at first was the Batman "esque" voice over.  I know the game is dirty and gritty, but I don't think a husky VO does much.  One could argue it sets the mood.  OK, grant you that.

On to the game.

Of course I love the art.  It's a fine line between dirty/gritty and so dark I can't make out the art on the card to know what to do with it.  Wastelanders doesn't mess with that line at all.  I can clearly see what is who and what the cards do.

You play in a, wait for it, wasteland of what once was a thriving city.  But it's been a few years, so all the easy scavenged stuff is gone.  Now you need to worry about feeding your fat face every day.  Of course this brings out the worst in people. So expect your people to die.

Life is rough in the big wasted city.

There's a lot in the box.  Lots of people, lots of objects and a lot of city locations.

Expanding your group, which means adding people, means you can expand the forage area.  Of course all those new mouths need to be fed.

It all comes down to food, no matter what else is going on.

It looks to me that there's enough randomness to make for lots of replaying of the game.

The latest trend in Kickstarter campaigns is to include social achievements as a way to unlock stretch goals. Wastelanders is no different. I think this is a great idea as it makes us all work to get the word out.  That can't be a bad thing.

Some of the stretch goals include, more people to pick from, more objects to scavenge, and I think the best part, more places!

This game has great potential for lots of scenarios beyond what we see in Kickstarter.

We'll do a full review when the game ships but for now...

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