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Transform your planet in this competitive tile-laying board game for two to four players.

I have a friend who thinks one of the best parts of Settlers, is laying out the board.  She has a great time looking at the board layout and planning the entire games strategy. This game was made ofr people like her.

I enjoy games where I don't have to "kill" my opponents to win a game.  Instead we're racing to a goal, and that's the case here with Landed.  It's year 008 on another planet, and you're racing with the other players to terraform the planet the fastest and with the best land.

There are contracts that must be fulfilled and they score point when completed.  The game is rife with layers of strategy and really fine art.  I can't say the art blew me away, but just like in Settlers, the art on the cards isn't the point.  The point is to communicate the type of land the card represents. It might seem like a fine point, but there is a big difference.

As you can see to the left here, there's a fair amount of stuff in the box.  I can also see expansions in the future, I don't know that for a fact, but it's easy to see how different types of lands could be added to alter game play.

There are some stretch goals, but for me 3 is a little light.  I think some of the cooler things are being held back for a possible expansion.  Again, I have NO inside info on that, but since the expansions are so obvious, there must be a reason we're not seeing them in stretch goals or add-ons.

The game page has the complete rules and a Print & Play file that can be downloaded for free.

The project has already been funded, with the first stretch goal well in sight.

I backed this game because I thought the premise was so unique and different.  Despite the obvious connection to Settlers, the lands are hexes, there really isn't a game like this on the market. It looks to me like a great entry game for those that think that Settlers is to hard, or has too many rules.  This game could become the best entry way game for those that only know Monopoly.  Yes, they're still out there.

How can you go wrong, it comes with a cloth bag!  :)

Do yourself a favor, click the link before and get to know Landed.  I think you'll end up doing what I have done and back this title.  We'll do a complete review when the game lands, I mean ships, in September of 2016.

Click the link and back this title!

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