Preview: Sans Allies - Solitaire Game of War

A solo card game of 20th Century warfare. You must lead your forces through an enemy nation bent on developing a vile super-weapon.

It must be solo week here on the blog as this is the second game this week we can play by ourselves. What I like about this game is that its based on a love of version of a solitaire game.  If you bought a PC in the last 30 years you might have had solitare on your computer, or maybe it was one of the first actual card games you learned to play after Old Maid.

This type of game requires good luck, and a lot of strategy.  The right cards have to come up at the right time, but which is the "right" card? There's where the strategy comes in.

The campaign doesn't have a list of items but I think we can see from the video that there's a bit more here than just cards.

There is a nice connection between the known, Pyramid Solitaire, and Sans Allies, there is a graphic that shows how they are connected.  It might not seem like much, but this connection makes the game seem less daunting to learn.

Any game that be design makes it easier to learn is on the right track to being a good game.

There is a Print&Play file to download and a good video preview as well.  This is their second game, which always bumps up the comfort level of backers, but it also makes the publishing process much easier.  They know which questions to ask, and what the wrong answers are.

There really appears to be a lot of payers here and itms that can affect your strategy. That's always good in a game, but especially good in a solo game where you can't count on another player to force you into new strategies.

One of the fears of any solo game is that I can do the same thing every time, and basically I'm going to win.  That's death to solo games and I think artfully deal with in this game.

I think we're going to end up with a well crafted game.

If any of this is interesting to you, do as I did and back this game. We'll do a Review when the game ships in June 2016.

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