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An exciting pirate-themed card game for 2-4 treasure-hunters aged 6+, with easy-to-learn mechanics and gorgeous, adventurous art!

Let's get this out of the way, you don't need to watch the video.  It's nice, and maybe some day you'll watch it because nothing else is on, but you don't need to watch it for this campaign.  The only real piece of info in the video, is that this game is based on a game called Cuttle.

What?  You don't know that game already?  Now you understand why watching the video was a waste of your time.

I know nothing about Cuttle.  Never played it, never heard of any one suggestion we play it, nada.  So why then did I back this game?  Two really big reasons:


I will admit, I love borderless cards in card games.  I never understood why there had to be a border in the first place.  It's all about printing, and how they can't get it always 100% right, but that's boring. What I really want is to see the art from the artist right to the edge, and this game does that.


While we all take a chance when we hand over our hard earned doubloons, (see what I did there?),  to a new company on their first project... the fact that this game is based on an existing game increases the odds of the game being fun to play.  Of course it also means that we hope they did their work and the original game is not under copyright still.  One can but hope.

There's a special promo card that will be given to backers, that's cool of course but we know at some point they'll have to sell it to the general public.  Let's hope that they change the art on the card a bit so we can still be special.

And the backers have unlocked a few new cards as well.

There are stretch goals of course, as of this writing the next goal is at $22k.  Obviously they keep adding to the list of goals as more are unlocked.

That's some forethought.

There are some gameplay videos on the site so if you're not convinced to back this game, they'll put you over the edge.

This is going to be a great kids game and I'm really looking forward to playing it when it comes out in November of this year.

So do as I did, really as soon as I saw the sample art and blocked the video out of my mind, and back this project by clicking the link below.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page for this game:

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