Preview: Watchmen of Destiny

Assembly a great army of watchmen & protect the Tree of Destiny. Use special abilities & make tough choices. Card game for 2-5 players.

A very dear friend of mine, how has passed, was obsessed with the idea that the animal hierarchy was the best background for any number of games.  He was also a master figure painter and would have loved the art of this game.  Dan, I'll hold a place for ya at the table.

This looks very much like a kid friendly game, that has some well thought out rules and a simple end game.  The game ends when one player hires his or hers, 7th Watchmen.  Of course, a simple end game doesn't mean a simple game.

You get a lot of cards, characters and items.  All of the art is consistent and fun.

There are character types and rather than dealing combat, the characters affect deck manipulation, points or gold.  There is a special Ninja character that lets the first, our loudest in my case,  to grab the top card on the discard pile.

That could be CRUCIAL in a multiplayer game.

There are four actions you can take per turn, and the first one is required... take an item.

Items have special abilities and can be the instigator of a strategy. I like the idea of items having abilities, like Aladdin's Lamp. I don't think there are any Genie's in this game, but I think you get the idea.

There are a lot of cards and an expansion that can be added on.

Apparently this expansion doesn't follow the same cute art, as it is labeled NSWF.  But I wouldn't shy away from it for that reason, just don't put this in the mix when you play with the younger set of family.

Of course they have the usual stretch goals.  Remember that this graphic is not current, so I'm sure pretty close to unlocking that next goal.

The rules are downloadable from Kickstarter, which should further convince you that this is a game worth supporting.

This looks like one of those games you keep on the shelf and pull out when there are non-gamers around and you want to show them the cool gaming world they're missing out on.

It plays 2-5 people, ages 12+ with about 10 minutes per player.  So a max of 50 minutes, do thee math, and as little as 20 minutes.  Cool.

I high;y suggest that you do s I have done and back this project.

We'll do a review when the game ships in September of 2016.

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