Preview: Xibalba

A cards'n'dice game for 2-4-8 players set in an inter-apocalyptic dieselpunk world.

Little known fact, I used to live in Mainz Germany where this game is being developed.  I do not know these people but they have my instant respect. Mainz is a hotbed of creative game development, and this team reflects that.

The title is pronounced She-bal-ba but I think you might end up calling it the dieselpunk game with the amazing art. I was taken immediately by the fantastic theme. As a card and dice game, it has to have fantastic card art, there is no board to focus on that holds game play which can distract from odd card art.  So it's t he cards and dice or nothing when it comes to art.

Some of you will say that yes there are board in the game, but I'm talking about a main board like Monopoly or Clue with that comment.  The player boards in this game are up to the high standards set by the cards.

They did a great job on the cards.  Dice are always a problem.  Each face on a die, singular of dice, is really small!  The challenge is to have unique art, but still easily see the result of the dice roll without having to squint or look it up on a chart.  They do a pretty good job at that as well. The dice are color coded and simple, affective and fit the theme of the game.

The contents list of the game is huge. It's a cards and dice game, and wow there are a lot of cards!  I'm not about to complain because as I said, the card art looks great.

Enough about the cards.

One of the things I look for in a game is expandability.  For a small extra amount you can add-on a 5-8 player expansion.  It's hard for me at this point to imagine any game played with 8 players, but if your gaming group is that big, go for it.

There are also a ton of stretch goals, many have been unlocked already.  I have not listed them here because of the style that they placed them doesn't lead to good a good display here.

As you can see there are game upgrades, we like that around here, Kickstarter Exclusives and added free items.  These are all great thigns to have, and you'll see all the details when you go to the campaign details page on Kickstarter.

This is the type of game that leads to many layers of game play.

The goal of the game is to collect Paragon.  One of the nice features is that you decide what the winning number is in advance,  which ultimately determine the length of time you'll be playing.  You can play for as little as 20 minutes or 2 hours.

Three are 3 ways to get Paragon, you can control the ship left behind by the aliens known as the Ark, you can attack other players, or if you kill a soldier you can grab his Paragon. Of those, the second one sounds the most cool.

There is so much going on here that it's really hard to grasp it all without the game in front of me.  I suggest that you go to the campaign site, watch the main video AND the game play walk through which is about halfway down the page.

For those of you still unsure, there is a link to the Beta rules that you can read through. But really, this is a game to take a chance on that will wow you from the instant you open the box. Look for your review and game play video after the game ships in October 2016.

Do as I have done, click the link and back this game!

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