Preview: Ave Roma

Build up your influence in Ancient Rome. A strategy board game with unique worker placement mechanics.

I can make this preview very simple, if you like Puerto Rico, you'll like this game.

There is so much to like here I'm not sure where to start.  I enjoy how the game industry dances around the "slaves" issue in games with an ancient theme.  While no one condones slavery, we can't deny that it's part of the past.  But I enjoy the comment in the video: "You don't own the workers". Well done.

Just like Puerto Rico, there are a ton of layers here.  Workers, politics,  goods produced etc.  There's so much going on that even if there is a "corn strategy", as in Puerto Rico, it could easily be countered.

On the right you'll see the huge list of items that we'll get in the box.  It really is impressive. As a friend says: "Lots of fiddly bits". And of course all of that leads to a game with many layers and actions each turn.

The art looks great and it might not be a big deal to some, but I like the round board and the upper number player limit of 5, not the usual 4.  If you like the euro style game, this one has great potential.

Of course they have the usual stretch goals.  You'll have to click the Kickstarter link before to see the latest that has been achieved.

Since I backed this game, there have been several updates sent, new cards added and a full timeline of production published. These are all good signs of dedicated people, and we like that around here.

I'm really looking forward to playing this game with my game group when it ships in September. Of course we'll do a full review then as well.

You can back this game as I have by clicking the link below:

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