Preview: Zombag

Outmaneuver your opponents, survive the zombie outbreak, and hope for good fortune. Take the apocalypse wherever you go, with Zombag!

Here at the Roundup we support a LOT of games, if you do the math it's about 60 a year, and most of them have layers of depth, demand great amounts of strategy and forethought.

Zombag isn't one of those, and that's fine with us too.

Each player is a survivor, so far, and they have a number of missions that must be completed to win the game. The length of the game is determined by the number of missions handed out.  More missions means a longer game. If you don't like your missions, you can discard them and get new ones.

Of course like any zombie world, the heart of game is the scavenge. What can you pull from the bag, (get it, zomBAG), and are the actions based on that pull. Meaning, you might get that item you need to complete a mission, or you might get a zombie to fight.

What? You thought this zombie world was all peace and hugs? Pfffffft.

This is a first project and so there are some things missing that we'd normally expect to see.  There isn't a clear picture of the games contents, what you see to the left is all they show.  We assume the only thing missing is the bag, eh, but no mention is made if this is final art. (edit: 150 tokens with 30 more exclusive to Kickstarter)

There appear to be no stretch goals, which is a biggie.  I'd like to see something with bigger or thicker tokens, these are the items you pull from the bag. Such an essential part of the game, that has the potential to really affect the perceived value of the game. We can but cross our fingers.

I really like the idea of taking the game to my gaming group in a bag.  Zombag is a fun, easy game that most can pick up pretty quickly. I look forward to playing this game and you should do as I have done, and back this game!

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