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Card decks that allow tabletop role-players to create limitlessly random dungeon maps.

Keen readers of this blog will note that this isn't actually a game this time.  I think I can get away by saying "game related" and let it go from there.  Because I have really needed a deck like this so many times, I felt we had to back it and help make it a reality.

So let me take you back a few years and listen in on one Sunday night gaming session.  We're playing an RPG that has part of it, a dungeon crawl...

Player 1: "Oh, an underground part, who made the map?"
Player 2: "Mac did"
Player 1: "Oh, so we go left, right, right, left, straight and we'll be at the boss lair"
Player 2: "Yep"

Apparently I was... predictable with my map drawing.  I hate that!

Along come the Dungeon Dealer and I'm a happy map maker again.  There have been a few of these and so we can't say this idea is unique.  But we can look at the art and the layout and see that there has been some good thought behind the cards.

Presentation is... everything.

There are some stretch goals, one already met, and one coming up quickly.  It's hard to have stretch goals for this type of thing since really, it's all there already.  I'd like to see more optional cards added, maybe some flavor cards.  They do have a bit about enemies, but since this is game system independent, we'll have to see how that plays out.

The first stretch goal is exactly what I'm talking about, added encounter cards.  We've met that one already so everyone will be getting these, but I'd like to see more of that.  Maybe add a card/chart about extra difficulties in the dungeon from this point on, like rising waters.

The next stretch goal, at $20K, involves a skull to hold a card.  Seems like this would be a perfect place to hold the cards showing current conditions.  Remind me to make that suggestion...

One stretch goal I wish they had, thicker cards.

They do have one added cool thing, Boss cards. They come with every Maze And Chamber deck and include a stats card. The art is done by Evgeni Maloshenkov, with a sample on the campaign page. More to follow I'm sure.

I think this deck will be something that we use around the ranch here every time we play an RPG, even if its not a dungeon theme game.  I think a randomness to a layout creates the air of unpredictability that sets a tone for the game.  As a DM I never want my players to feel so comfortable that there's no danger.  Danger breeds excitement and that's a required element in all RPGs.  OK, maybe note the Hello Kitty RPG, (Is there such a thing?), but you get my point.

It's a deck of cards, that are pretty and have a great layout, that will make your games more fun.  This seems like a no-brainer to me.  Back this project NOW.

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