Preview: Red Markets

Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.

If you're a fan of zombies, games or movies, or TV shows, you know that the main thrust of each of these is the early part, how it starts and how our heroes survive.  What its never about, to my knowledge, is what happens after they survive.  Let's say it's a couple of years past the initial freak out and panic, what's next?

Next is... you still owe rent.

If we can contain the zombie outbreak, what happens to those stuck in the massive quarantine zones, and what affect does it have on those outside? Life goes on, and while some things have to radically change, others continue on without missing a beat.

Now you know where this game starts.  There's those IN and those OUT, and how they interact is an important part of this RPG.  Around the ranch here we really appreciate games that have part of what we know, and what of what we don't know.  This usually makes a good mix.

You play, a Taker.  Guess what you do?  And of course, since you take things, you're not exactly on the high end of the society ladder.  You're near the bottom actually.

As you might suspect, Red Markets has its own system called Profits.  There are basic game rules, with the ability to take it to a more advanced level. Because if its bad at Basic, you know you'll spend the time to learn the Advanced, right? All signs point to the system being easy to play, judge one number higher than another, and that's good.

There are stretch goals, both traditional as well as social.  There's also a lot of other art in their campaign that I encourage you to look at.  The theme is familiar but also with a new wrinkle.  I think it will be a fun RPG for those that don't usually play an RPG.

I suggest you do as I have done and back this project.

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