Preview: 2GM Tactics Wargame

Command your troops in World War II in this fast-moving game. Colorful cards represent your tanks and infantry.

I've lost count of the number of WWII games I've played over the years. Are there no other wars that hold our interest?  I think WWII is a popular game theme because it came at a time when technology was changing but hadn't gone to far into future wars.

So when a WWII game comes along, around here we're just a big jaded. What can they do so differently that it will hold my interest? Or as one of the reviews says: "WWII, version 11".

But hold on, it IS possible and 2GM is it. A new and very col looking game.

First let's take a look at the contents.  That's a lot of contents! There are 220 cards, that represent the American And German armies as well as the terrain they're fighting over and around.  That's a lot for a card game.

As you can see from the picture, cards is not all that is included in this game. Lots of counters, a game board that is rearranged by the scenario.

And then there are the expansions.  This game is already expandable, and you can get them as part of the Kickstarter campaign. I've always found that getting the expansions right away helps with the overall play of the game.  Sometimes a games initial release can feel limiting, hence the need for expansions.  In this case, WWII was much bigger than just the Americans and the Germans.  The expansions open up other countries, but always in the European theater.

There are the usual stretch goals, and some social goals as well which is the latest trend.  I hope that by writing this post, and you dear reader sharing it, we're helping meet the next stretch goal.  You'll have to head on over to the campaign to see all of the details of the goals. Well worth the trip.

The rules are downloadable, always a good sign, and that will help you decide to back this game.  If you're a fan of the theme, this is a game that you should have in your collection. It even has a solo version which makes the game that much more universal. Because we all like to play games alone... just to learn the rules of course.

Another note about the cards, the designers have done the one thing that we really like around here, they used the whole card. To often we see card game designers shy away from the edge because of the whole odd printing process that makes each card a little different in the cut of the card. But the designers here show no such fear and use the entire space available to them.

There is a LOT going on in this game and you should do yourself a favor and head over to the campaign to check it out.

Or just do as we did, and back this game

You can play this game, or any game, but it's best to make a reservation!
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  1. As a suggestion - perhaps talk about how the game plays, even if it's just from reading the rules. It's kind of sucky to be searching for info on this game and all I have come up with are summarized versions of the kickstarter page.

    1. That is one great suggestion! Right now I look at the theme, contents, art and adding a preview of the game play makes sense. I'll make sure we do that for all future previews.

      Now here's a question for you. When we started, when a campaign was over we changed the color of the link to Kickstarter. The color represented the new status, if you could preorder etc. Then we stopped changing it to see if any one noticed. Do you care about that or not?

    2. Actually, I'm new to your site so I wouldn't have noticed the switch, but I think the color change is a great idea, especially if this is going to be a one-stop shop for checking on gaming kickstarters. It may seem like a lot of tedium, but a handy little legend on the header or something will make it obvious to new and old readers alike. Perhaps it wasn't obvious when you were first doing it?

      Still, it's a great idea. I'd rather have you guys scouring kickstarter instead of me, especially when I haven't backed a project yet. :)

    3. I updated the colors, take a look. I'm not sure they need more explanation since each one has tat text as part of the art. But they are detailed in the Post Guidelines tab as well.

      All comments are appreciated.