Preview: Battle of Britain

A remastered and upgraded version of the old, much loved TSR classic Battle of Britain by Richard Borg

Some of the older folks around here love games from the days when they could actually drink all night and not feel it the next day.  Such is the case here with Battle of Britain. This is a remake of a much loved, and played, TSR game of the same title.

The history behind this time period, it wasn't one battle or one single conflict, is rich with intrigue and good guys vs. bad guys.  If you're not familiar with this era, you really need to get with the program. I've lost track of the number of movies, both fictional and documentary style made about this.

Read a book for darn sakes!

What I mean is, there's a lot of background that makes this game special and you can find it all over the Internet or even... the library. If I was a history teacher, I'd have stopped reading and gone right to the pledge page already.

But for you non teachers who are still with me...

The Brits had to few plans for all of the land they needed to guard.  They needed to send their planes up only when they had a clear advantage AND send them to hit the enemy at the right place.

This Kickstarter is fantastic because it's been created with the help of the original author, and the company is a plastic model company.  Which means they don't have to send the models off somewhere to be made, they make them!

There area  ton of stretch goals that involve more models released for the game.  One of the coolest things added, and I signed up for it, was the huge 5' by 3' map.  Yep, that's HUGE!  And will make playing this game a ton of fun.  It's a huge time in history and needs to be represented as such.

I could go on and on about the game, but there really isn't any point.  This is a remaster of a great game.  It's like buying a remastered version of some old Beatles vinyl record. It's the Beatles, it's remastered, it's better while the core of the product remains what you know and is well loved.

The planes look fantastic, there's even a pledge level where they'll do all the hard work for you to get the planes to look as they did, very cool really.

I can't stress this enough, if you like history at all, and we love it here at the ranch, then you owe it to yourself to check out this game.  We backed it, you should too.  Remember that you can also buy more planes for a mere 2 quid... whats a quid? Ohhhh, cheap!

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