Preview: Overseers

A 3-6 player drafting and bluffing game with an interesting twist. Find the best balance, or completely crush it for your own good.

OK, let's have a one-to-one talk.  I know that there are lot of things going on in your life.  Here at the ranch we're up to our eyeballs in cow, well, you can guess.  The horses need to be fed and the pigs ridden.  Or it might be the other way around, we'll find out later.

But what we do know is that at the end of the day, we want to play a game that is balanced, fun, has layers of game play that aren't always evident at first glance, and we like pretty pictures.  If you really want us to stand up and take notice, you'll include pretty, heavy and well made, components too.

This game has all of that.  Er well, minus the pigs, cows and horses.

One of the tests of a good sales person is to ask them to sell you a pen. I'll apply that to backing this game...


Quality game pieces
Quality game pieces
Quality game pieces

Bought the pen yet?

Clearly this is a game made with a love of quality and a great deal of knowledge behind the story.  Games like this live and breath by the art, quality of the game pieces, and a really good story.  You'll hear about the story in the opening video.

One thing to warn you about though, if you didn't catch it earlier, this is a 3 person game.  It can play up to 6, but there are no two player rules. For some that might be a problem.  I suggest instead, what a great time to make a new friend, by introducing them to a new game and them beating them at it.

There are the usual stretch goals, many of them have been met already.  They increase the quality of the game and we really like that around here.

Two other attributes of a good campaign are that there is an existing how to play video, and the other is a downloadable rulebook. You'll have both when you click the link before and check out the campaign.

But keep in mind, we've backed this game, so you should too. We look forward to playing this game with you in October of this year.

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