GenCon so far

Woah it was a crazy first day at GenCon, the best 4 days of gaming and crowd ranging. And around the ranch here, we know ranging.

The guys over at Modiphius have a new RPG they're working on, Star Trek and while the game is not ready to buy, if you sign up you can get a cool figure.  I'm sure this game will hit Kickstarter so look for it in the future... No pun intended there.

Over at GameLyn Games I was able to take a pic of one of our favorites comin out soon, TinyEpic western. They have two more games coming to Kickstarter so again, look for previews here as the gang all like the TinyEpic games. (Truth:  some more than others)

We picked up our copy of Strife: Shadows & Steam as well as cool play mat.  This game will certainly get put into our usual rotation.

Main hall before the hall does opend. The chant started early: Here we come!


Suggestion: pay the $10 to get your badge mailed to you. It's not worth he 2 hour wait at Will Call.

This is our friend Will demoing Batle of Britain. It's still live on Kickstarter so go take a look and back it.  The game is fantastic.

You can play this game, or any game, but it's best to make a reservation!
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