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Iliad: Heroes of Troy is a simple, yet surprisingly deep, card game based on the epic poem by Homer! For 2-4 players in about 30 mins.

All to often we overlook the theme of games and go right to the gameplay.  One game designer friend of mine says that the theme is just a matter of handwaving.  That the theme is nice, but if the gameplay is flawed, it doesn't matter what the theme is.  In part, I agree.  If the game is bad, no amount of cool theme or great art can fix it.

In part, I disagree.  How many of you said no to yet another WWII game? News flash, the Axis lost. It wouldn't really matter to me what the game play was like, if I admit that I am burned out on WWII games. Yes, it takes all the ingredients to make a cake.

The gameplay in Iliad seems thin.  The rules are online so you can read them easily, link in the campaign. A player plays a card, the others in turn react to it.  A round ends when a trait card is played, and that player has no more trait cards. A round can also end if any player has no more cards at all. There are only 2 rounds. As I said, a little thin. But thin means the game time is shorter, and the layers of strategy come from the players, instead of complicated rules. I'm lookin right at Calus.

The cards themselves show a lot of care and thought for the characters themselves.  The art of the characters is truly wonderful and fit with the theme of the game.  The art below the characters might fit with the theme, but it doesn't see as well thought out as the character art.

It's as if the card designer and the cart artist were in different rooms and didn't talk much.

They needed to talk.

If the character art was bad, then we'd have a much more serious, and unhappy, talk.

Given the amount of investment, the cool theme, the simple game play, this game has the marks of a game that's fun to play with all ages.  I like the idea of making games based on literary works. This brings those works alive, as well as creates an interest outside of the game. Remind me one day to tell you the story of how I passed a humanities test while I was int eh army, all based on a game I played as a child. (edit: long story, boring too)

This game falls into that wonderful bucket I call the warm up game bucket.  I doubt I'll ever call my friends over to play this game, but as game night warms up, this will be one of the games that will come off the shelf and played while everyone is arriving, or figuring out what they wan to play.

Do as we have done, and back this game!

P.S.  Did we forget something?  Is this the game you've been waiting for all your life? Is there another game on Kickstarter you'd like to see us preview? Leave it in the comments!

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