Preview: Word Domination

Be a super villain. Spell enormous words, steal priceless artifacts, wield devious powers & conquer the world! Can you spell disaster?

You always play a Paladin in RPGs, you always try to pull the sword from the stone at Disneyland, you throw your coat over mud puddles so the nice lady doesn't have to walk in mud...


What you really want to do is answer every "WHY?" question with this:

"Because I'm EVIL.  That's why"

Well now, damnit, it's part of a game and you can use that as an excuse.  Players are super villains
that steal precious works of art, tied to letters used in a scrabble type game.  Just saying "evil" and "scrabble" together, make this an interesting game.  Unlike Scrabble that keeps letters hidden, Word Domination uses a simple starting grid, and player character cards to show the letters.  This changes strategy of course, because you can see what letters the player has to work with.

Unlike Scrabble, this is also a area control game.  You receive double points for collections of 3 or more.  A collection is 3 or more tiles linked together on the grid.

There are two other wrinkles, stealing an artifact steals that letter preventing the other player from using it. the second wrinkle, is that some of the letters are actually rules benders.  Giving the player who used that letter in a word a special power.

You gotta like them special powers.

Being a word game, knowing how to spell helps.  But that then means, it's also educational... there I said it.  But any game that uses letters or numbers can teach you how to use them better. It's only after several years of Yahtzee that I can finally balance my checkbook. (edit: not really, still can't)

I can see an easy expansion to allow more players, need more letters and colored blocks.  I'm sure they've tested that and 4 is a good starting place.  This is one of those games that plays well, no matter the number of players, 2-4.

The art looks great.  We love the 1970's blocky style around here.  It might be because we're that old and also kinda blocky.  As with all themes, we like to see all the art working together, and Word Domination does that perfectly. The blocks could be more interesting than blocks, mini meeples comes to mind, but I'm sure that's a cost issue.

Many of the stretch goals have been unlocked already.  We know what the next three are, and we like seeing them in advance. Although there are still a couple of hidden ones as well.  (edit:  note that the next stretch goals improves the blocks to meeples) The unlocked goals both improve the components and add to the game play.  Well done.

I have no doubt that this game will be a huge hit with those Starbucks types who like to see it cafes and drink whatever they paid $20 for.

Addons, boy howdy do we love addons.  One we grabbed right away, the play mat.  Nothing makes us more upset than seeing a game piece ruined by the accidental bar fight, or drink spillage. While nothing can prevent the occasional brawl, usually started with someone screaming: "That's not a word", but the mat will prevent you putting a tile down in something... sticky.

The second addon is interesting, blank tiles.  While at first I wondered about the value, the significant other reminded me that her native language is Russian. It would be great but no her name is not Natasha and my name is not Boris, there are several letters used to make Russian words that we don't use in English.  (edit: there's a 3, a 4, and something looks like an asteroid)

Overall this game just looks like fun, and I will confess... I hate word games. But this game, has me hooked and I am dying to play it with people who spell worse than I do. (edit: hard part is there are only 3-4 who spell worse) The theme, the variants, the wrinkles in the design, all come together to make this guy, suddenly crave a word game.  I think you will to.

So of course...

Do as we have done, and back this game!

P.S.  Did we forget something?  Is this the game you've been waiting for all your life? Is there another game on Kickstarter you'd like to see us preview? Leave it in the comments!

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